Our Scene - Video Lecture: The Black History of Dance Music

On Friday, the second day of “Our Scene”, guest-curated and hosted by Som•m•e Of Us, will host a line-up of lecturers, facilitators, organisers, curators and speakers (who are also DJs) as they unveil and reflect on the Black (Queer) histories of dance music and other cultural productions, while also questioning the space, if any, that nightlife could occupy within liberatory practices.

The profound impact of Black Queer artistry on music is unquestionable, particularly within the realms of Electronic & Dance Music. As pioneers of its many genres and sub-genres, Black queer people continuously reinvent and reshape the boundaries of Electronic & Dance Music, reusing and repurposing sounds with innovation. From the underground scenes of Detroit & Chicago to today’s international stages, from the UK to South-Africa, from clubs to charts, their influence resonates globally.

While the white-washing of dance music has led to an erasure of its Black foundations and created a sense of disconnection within Black communities, a noticeable shift in discourse is occurring around global club culture’s Black and queer roots. Still, only a minority of the living contributors of these scenes can benefit from that recognition. Our goal is to shine a spotlight on more artists that keep laying down the beats for the evolution of Black Electronic & Dance Music as we know and love it today. We also aim to provide more context to the conversation by opening a space to exchange and amp up the visibility of the genres dominating the scene. Join us in this dynamic, interactive exploration of the roots & heritage of Black Electronic & Dance Music using sound and visual archives, to celebrate Belgian Black History Month!