Listen x Soulful Sessions x La Cabane

Soulful Sessions: Dangerous Disco, Sweet Soul, Brazilian Boogie, Adventurous Afrobeat & Holy House music from Antwerp. 

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La Cabane: La Cabane is one of the latest additions to the Brussels clubbing scene. Since 2019 this self-dubbed ‘micro-club’ has booked anything but small names with the likes of Antal, Roi Perez, Shanti Celeste, Chez Damier, Peach, Dj Fett Burger, Byron The Aquarius, and more gracing the decks. We’ll be heading to La Cabane for two nights on Friday and Saturday - our advice : get your presale, capacity is limited!


  1. 23:00–01:00 DJ Peugeot
  2. 01:00–04:00 Danilo Plessow (MCDE)
  3. 04:00–06:00 EG