Listen x Mo Mamba x Brikabrak

Blck Mamba continues to push for a more diverse and vibrant nightlife with Mo Mamba, a celebration of club music embracing influences from around the globe.

Brikabrak is a music culture platform showcasing different musical genres from around the globe but always interconnected with rhythmic percussion. With regular nights spread throughout the capital and a bi-monthly radio show on Bruzz, they’re bringing together lovers of Amapiano, UK Funky, Batida, Gqom, Broken Beat, Funk Carioca and other percussive-driven Club music.


  1. 23:00–00:00 Raql
  2. 00:00–01:30 Ikonika
  3. 01:30–03:00 Brodinski
  4. 03:00–04:30 Blck Mamba
  5. 04:30–06:00 State OFFF


  1. 00:00–01:00 Rrita Jashari
  2. 01:00–02:00 Jonas Alexander
  3. 02:00–03:30 Yooth
  4. 03:30–05:00 Bona Léa
  5. 05:00–06:00 Fahad Seriki