Listen x Brussels Bassed

Established in 2020 by High’n’Irie Soundsystem, Mentality & Bassin Records, 3 artist collectives united by a common love for all things bass music, Brussels Bassed started out as a radio show and quickly began to promote its own events in a variety of venues in Brussels.

Through its radio show and its events, Brussels Bassed aims to showcase the richness and the diversity of Belgium’s bass music underground scene while inviting some of the most cutting edge international acts to its capital.

Breakbeat, Dub, UK Garage, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Electro & more.

Main room

  1. 23:00–02:00 Drama B2B Nayrah
  2. 02:00–04:00 Seba
  3. 04:00–05:00 Paradox 'Live'
  4. 05:00–07:00 Phanom


  1. 01:00–03:00 Shaa B2B Emsy Bibiš
  2. 03:00–05:00 Mia Koden
  3. 05:00–07:00 Xtanki B2B Beatsforbeaches