Drama B2B Nayrah

Drama B2B Nayrah


From mixing hip-hop records in his room at age 14, Drama developed his skills at an early age. He is a collector at heart and with a selection not limited by genres, he has special weapons in his crate to make you shake. A clinical dj with critical records. Time to get physical with Drama.


Quillian Neira, also known as Nayrah, is a promoter & DJ for several firmly installed BXL-based collectives such as Mentality, Brussels Bassed and Saintklet. Additionally, he hosts his own radio show « Things In Motion », broadcasted on Jam-RTBF, through which he shares his love for all things Bass Music.

 Always on the lookout for the latest cuts, his DJ-sets are energetic and take you on a voyage through the unknown. Be it drum and bass, jungle, dubstep and everything in between, the most obscure and freshest music is what you can expect when Nayrah takes over the controls.