San Soda's The Hundred for Listen! Festival

100 tracks selected by one DJ, selector, digger, musician or friend of the house. Immerse yourself in their world and press play.

San Soda is known in underground music circles as a real record collector. It shows in his predictably unpredictable DJ sets, which are made up of carefully chosen gems unearthed after years of crate digging around the world. For Listen Festival the Berlin based Belgian offers hundred favorite tracks in one giant Spotify playlist. “Another way of DJing”, he enthusiastically replies when asking him for the job. While the pandemic has locked the prolific DJ out of the clubs and festivals for almost a year now, San Soda didn’t fall asleep. He is unceasingly preparing a new live set for post corona, working on the expansion of his record shop and vinyl hospital project dubbed ‘The Consulate’ in Berlin, while gaining experience as a dog trainer. All DJs with dogs, you know where to go.