Brussels Highlights w/ Moogy Maserati

Moogy Maserati is still relatively new to Brussels. She moved from Rotterdam to the Belgian capital in 2021 to get her master degree Fine Arts at LUCA School of Arts. While she had been deejaying already in her home country, her DJ career really lifted off in Brussels. Coming from the Dutch indie scene, she discovered the Belgian electronic scene and a pivotal Kiosk Radio show propagated her former soundscape style into a more hybrid DJ persona, effortlessly moving from soundscapes into club selections or the other way around.  

It happens she gets booked twice for a night. As a starter, she is able to bring an ambient and experimental set for people to quietly listen to, while she uses looped samples, field recording and self-produced music to create surprising sonic collages. At peak time, she can serve club-oriented music selections, also aiming at compositions of tracks, samples and recordings, but due to the imminent and precious connection with the dancers being a more complex patchwork of genres and vibes. 

Next to her DJ performances, Moogy Maserati is part of the post punk band Beatrix, working on an EP on Belgian label Kontakt Group. As an artist, she spends her time on writing, performance art and video art. 

We are excited to get an idea of the places this newcomer has discovered during her first years in Brussels, as a pair of fresh eyes looking at the city. Moogy Maserati has grown much love for Brussels, in her own words because: ‘So many people are putting their time and energy into new initiatives, some artistic, others activist, which is very energizing and inspiring. If you know where to look, Brussels has a lot of space and opportunities to offer.’    

Nature: Jubelpark / Parc du Cinquantenaire

This large urban park is the eyecatcher of the European Quarter in Brussels. Constructed around an imposing memorial arch and a U-shaped complex, this site has a history dating back to 1880, being built for the National Exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Belgian Revolution. 

Moogy Maserati: ‘I have been living in Brussels for two years now, in a flat right next to the Parc du Cinquantenaire. This area feels like my new home. Where I come from, in Rotterdam, we also have parks but none of them have the size or grandeur of the Cinquantenaire. I slowly discovered all its premises, not only the main ones such as the museums, but also the smaller ones. My favorite part is The Plaster-cast Workshop in the Art & History Museum, where you can visit an incredible collection of molds of works of art. But it’s also remarkable how the foundations of this park are linked with Belgium’s colonial history. It was built with the purpose of showing off the country’s imperial power from that era. You can feel embarrassment as well as pride in how the park is being managed and presented. I think more light should be shined on this history, since its grandeur is built on colonial money. ’ 

Music: Atoma

Located not far away from the Wiels cultural center, in a former paper mill with the same name, Atoma is a temporary occupation by an independent collective offering artistic and sound projects. 

Moogy Maserati: ‘I have seen so many great noise concerts at Atoma and I have missed even more, often only discovering events in hindsight. You can’t find their program on a central website, it’s scattered on all the Facebook events or announcements by the hosts who are using the Atoma building. Futura Resistenza, a Brussels-Rotterdam label has organized concerts at Atoma for example. Atoma also offers a workshop for various artistic practices such as screen printing.‘

Food: Chaff

In a corner of the mighty Vossenplein / Place du Jeu de Balle in the Marolles, Chaff is an important venue for the lively neighborhood. Its huge terrace, tasty restaurant menu and top-notch live music programming make it one of the most famous alternative bars in town. 

Moogy Maserati: ‘When I first entered Chaff I was immediately hooked and also desperately in need of a job. So I applied and have been working there for a while now. The atmosphere at Chaff is unique, attracting all kinds of people including the Maroliens and Maroliennes, the market vendors, tourists and just as well the Brussels punk scene. I guess Chaff was one of my first guides to Brussels, a place where I feel very at home. The kitchen is really good by the way and the free concerts on Monday are always great.’ 

Hidden Gem: Tram Lijn 81 / Ligne 81

A tram route in the south of the city, Line 81 connects Montgomery in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre / Woluwe-Sint-Pieters with Anderlecht. Over a course of 13.8km the total journey time is approximately 55 minutes. 

Moogy Maserati: ‘Departing from my neighborhood, the 81 is my favorite tramline in Brussel., I can suggest it as the best tour through Brussels since all you need in food, music, art, cinema and parks is within  reach with line 81. I strongly advise you to catch one of the old carriages. For instance, close to Flagey I enjoy going to Caramulo, a Portuguese bar where you can watch Benfica football games and drink Portuguese beer. But just as well I take a few more stops to Supra Bailli, a popular bar in the Rue du Bailli. Or take out delicious Italian food at Antichi Sapori Italiani right next door and savour it at the Supra Bailli. And finish off the day at Cineflagey, preferably for an old movie programmed by Cinematek. To take back home the last tram on Line 81.’

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