Brussels Highlight w/ Emily Jeanne

Bel­gian - Viet­namese artist Emily Jeanne is one of those emerging artists you just know for a fact is breaking through. Her album Public by Default on Semantica Records shows a young producer in full control of her art, daringly exploring her sound and machines. As a DJ she is knocking on many doors, with a recent signing to internationally renowned booking agency Octopus as a milestone. Influenced by residing in Ghent, Vietnam, Berlin and now Antwerp, we took a moment to question Emily Jeanne about her highlights in the capital. Strongly connected to our vibrant nightlife scene with residencies at Kiosk Radio and Fuse, we wonder where else she spends time when she’s in town.

Exclusively for Listen Festival, she also curated a playlist of 100 tracks on Spotify.  Selected without any boundaries or genre prescriptions, the tracklist offers a meandering flow like on an early morning sunrise walk through the forest, allowing a variety of birds to sing and colors to show. Moods are switching throughout these 8 hours of music, just as her DJ performances who deliberately lack a dominant or linear narrative. 

Music by Albert van Abbe, Lucrecia Dalt, Ka Baird or Steffi. 

Music: Metropolis

Before moving back to Belgium, Emily Jeanne spent the past years in Berlin. She arrived in the German capital for an internship at !K7 Records and quickly fell in love with its stirring music, record and club scene. The day after her latest gig at RSO.BERLIN just a few weeks ago, she decided to opt for an early flight home, in order to make it in time for the Sunday afternoon party Metropolis in Brussels. Why give up sleep coming from the capital of nightlife for a small underground party in Brussels?

‘The party has a capacity of 150 people, such a small and cozy size attracts me. As a clubber, I don’t like huge, crowded venues. The Metropolis parties are daytime events, which is also welcome in my nightly work rhythm. And I’m a huge fan of their musical vision. Founders and resident DJs lunar convoy and Sonhan are good friends of mine. They created a small grassroots community, for which I’ll always travel to Brussels, even if it means jumping on an early plane after a gig!’

Hidden gem: Les Bains de Saint-Josse

Les Bains de Saint-Josse is one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the Brussels-Capital Region. An Art Deco gem inaugurated in 1933, the building brings both swimmers and architect fans to the smallest municipality of Brussels. Emily Jeanne visits the pool for both stress relief and friendship purposes. 

‘Swimming is an activity I have always done with good friends, wherever I have lived. It’s my good friend Nicolas, DJ Sonhan, who brought me here. Before heading over to Kiosk Radio for my monthly residency, we often come here to relax and enjoy the water. I’m a rather nervous person, so I need sports to keep a calm mind. Even during a session of yoga I can get distracted, while the simple act of swimming and going underwater really soothes me. You know what the ultimate swimming experience is? When they play classical music. Some pools even have underwater speakers. Love it!’

Food: Le Petit Mercado

A superette and bar, Le Petit Mercado is the modern version of a vintage community grocery store, where people meet each other and much of the latest gossip and city life is shared and discussed. Emily Jeanne fell in love with the place due to its proximity to the train station and a friend living nearby.

‘Not too many train stations have nice surroundings, but Le Petit Mercado makes traveling at the Gare Midi worthwhile. I often quickly pass by to grab some food, their offer as a grocery store is always fresh and local. It reminds me a bit of the old food market I used to go to when I was living in Vietnam. When I was still located in Berlin and while DJing in Brussel, I often stayed over for the night at my friend’s place really closeby. To get there, you have to walk up the hill that starts at Le Petit Mercado, so I often had a little break here first.’ 

Nature: Parc Duden

Emily Jeanne ends her tour through town in Vorst / Forest, at the 24 hectares large Duden Park, known for its 45 meters level difference with a stunning view from the highest point.


‘Parc Duden is also part of my fixed routes through Brussels while visiting friends. Just as in Berlin, I enjoy spending time in parks with friends. Especially around the stunning Narafi building is a nice and cozy area. I have two dogs myself, the park is always full of dogs. Dogs and friends, that’s all I need!’

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