Showcase Thursday: free and all across town

As if the Listen Festival weekend wasn’t already pretty busy with club nights, concerts, workshops, expo, a record/gear fair, … we introduce Showcase Thursday: __an evening full of free showcases in various hangouts and key locations in town, curated by eight prolific Belgian labels__. We like to take the opportunity during our festival weekend to give a stage to talented new artists and dj’s. That's why the Thursday evening during the Listen Festival weekend will be called 'Showcase Thursday' from now on. Think of it as Casual Friday, but much more fun. We made a list of our favorite Belgian electronic music labels, and asked them to make us an artistic offer. The result shows the vast variety of the Belgian electronic music scene. __House music__ will be represented by We Play House Records, Kalahari Oyster Cult and Play Label. More on a __techno trip__ with Curle Records and on the experimental techno/electronics side we have Vlek. Tangram and Cosmic Pop Records show the __urban side__ of Belgium, while the Stoemp Poppunt concert circuit (not really a label, but hey) also curates a cutting edge lineup. The aim is simple: to offer a high quality lineup of yet to be discovered live acts and DJs, free of charge, and all of that in the city's favorite local hangouts and bars. __Full line-up: Thursday March 29th__ [Join the facebook event.]( __Cosmic Pop Records Showcase__ 20h @ Café Maison Du Peuple Blackweed (live) Loumana (live) Peter Clinton (dj) __Curle Recordings Showcase__ 20h @ Bonnefooi Vanguard Disorder (live) Fedele (dj) Fader (dj) __Kalahari Oyster Cult Showcase__ 20h @ Kumiko Too Smooth Christ (live) Sentiments (dj) Colino (dj) __Play Label Showcase__ 20h @ Bar du Marché Latence (live) Max Telaer (dj) Red ‘Out (dj) __Stoemp (Poppunt) Showcase__ 20h @ Halles St-Géry GeRoeZeMoeS (live) Collective Conscience (live) Louis Vogue (dj) __Tangram Records Showcase__ 20h @ Beursschouwburg 2 Times Nothing (live) Title (live) Moodprint (dj) Vorace (dj) __Vlek Showcase__ 20h @ L’Archiduc Simon Hold (live) Dimitri Runkarri (dj) Sagat (dj) __We Play House Recordings Showcase__ 20h @ Café Belga Krewcial (live MPC + dj) Jensen (dj) Red D (dj)