European premiere of Radio Soulwax Immersive Installation

__Listen Festival will be presenting the European premiere of the first large scale physical installation of Radio Soulwax's video series, creating an immersive environment for the audience to dance in, dream in, and explore the endless audio-visual world of Radio Soulwax. [Join us]( on Saturday March 31st and Sunday April 1st at the ING Art Center in Brussels.__ __Stephen & David Dewaele__: “Our only demand for including our Radio Soulwax installation at Listen festival was that they would temporarily change their name to Watch & Listen festival, in order to certify that all people present have the ability to see the animations as well as hear our mixes. Unfortunately our lawyers made the mistake of not signing the contracts in time and now we are stuck with this painful situation where we are allowing the product of years of hard work to potentially be experienced solely by the blind people of Brussels. In order to avoid being called out as discriminators, we have let this one slip but we advise everyone to bring their eyes as well as their ears for this year’s edition of Listen festival.” Please note that neither Stephen & David Dewaele, Soulwax or 2manydj’s will be physically performing at Listen Festival 2018. Deewee’s affiliates __Asa Moto__ will be playing on Saturday March 31st at Horta Gallery though. __Listen Festival is proud to present the European premiere of the Radio Soulwax immersive installation. The world premiere in Houston (Texas) during the Day For Night Festival in December 2017 witnessed enthusiastic reactions from the festival audience, taking the opportunity to (re)discover the beautiful animations and stunning music mixes of Radio Soulwax. It even became a dance floor of it’s own, adding an extra festival stage to the line-up. __ __Radio Soulwax__ is a pioneering digital radio Station launched on 4th July 2011. It provides a total of 24 themed albums, each containing a one hour mix of exclusive and uniquely created audio & visual content. With RADIO SOULWAX David & Stephan Dewaele AKA 2ManyDJs/Soulwax have created a pioneering way to experience their unique record collections & musical exploration. RADIO SOULWAX took over 2 & half years to develop. It has evolved and morphed from a simple original idea to a full multi–sensory media experience. Do not be confused or put off by the use of the term 'Radio' here as music is but one side to this experience. Together with the projects artistic director Fergus Purcell they have also created a unique accompanying visual channel to boot, which would be just as much Music TV as it is radio. The visuals you will see here are crafted, inspired and lovingly animated using the imagery from the sleeves of the very records that shape each and every thematic hour in the 24-hour mix. At times the visuals themselves have even driven, informed and helped re-imagine the audio parts you'll hear simultaneously. It is an integral part of the unique charm of RADIO SOULWAX and one which is often the hardest to get across – This isn't just nostalgia for music boffins!  Here, fans of animation, comedy, art or even god forbid, seventies sleeve nudity may well be tickled too. Musical train-spotters will also be in heaven! But here, each and every one of these painstakingly produced hours is fun, different and geared to trigger individual reactions unique to the viewer, listener, consumer etc. As technology has advanced and social networking has continued to take over the planet, Soulwax's loyal fan base; that go out to see them DJ & perform month after month, year after year have become a closer, tighter, more interactive community. Their message boards bustle with activity, nostalgia, excitement and the exchange of experience and content. RADIO SOULWAX is fun, chaotic and best of all - it is free. Due to copyright & publishing legalities - the content of the mixes broadcast cannot and will never be sold, which considering the time, money and love spent personally developing this project is utterly unique in itself, especially during this new age of the music industry.  Together they have curated from the depths of their own tastes and imagination, explored sonically and visually to willingly bring an experience to anyone and everyone with an open mind. Not every hour will necessarily be to your tastes but that is also part of its beauty.