Brussels Highlights w/ Yooth


One of those rare DJs taking the mic during a radio show at Kiosk Radio, Ingmar aka Yooth is a positive force blowing through our capital’s scene. Representing a chosen family of artists through his Brikabrak collective, this mover and shaker adds energy and smiles wherever he enters the room. As a DJ, Yooth offers a percussion driven new school blend of Brazilian, broken beat, amapiano, UK funky, Portuguese batida, baile funk, club music, juke, jungle and alté. A sound that only lately has conquered our dance floors and which Yooth and Brikabrak have helped push around. You might want to pass by one of their glowing events - their showcase during Listen Festival at La Vallée was one for the books - or start by checking Yooths Spotify Hundred playlist composed exclusively for us! Salud!  


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Music: Volta

This concert hall and rehearsal center at a temporary occupation project in Anderlecht is the city’s current hot spot for alternative music. A hotbed for creatives, the venue has a bunch of artists in residence, workshops in action and exciting tryouts or gigs on the line-up. 

Yooth: “Volta has a special place in my heart, loaded with great memories. The venue has a laidback and welcoming vibe, both the building and its staff. They gave me many opportunities as a promoter and curator, hosting stages or DJing at their parties; or hosting workshops and organizing my own nights. The end is near at their current location, so I strongly hope for them to find a new place to continue holding a unique position in our city’s scene.” 

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Food: Maharaja Tandoori

Yooth: “I simply love Indian and Pakistani food. After hosting a Christmas party at the restaurant years ago, I ran into them again by accident through food waste app Too Good To Go. The concept of this app is great, offering restaurants and shops a way to deal with their food surplus at the end of the day for a low price. Sadly the offer is a bit disappointing though, but Maharaja Tandoori is an exception to this. So I often order food through the app, but also visiting the restaurant is a special experience. The place is decorated in a classy manner, with giant chairs making you feel like a royal family member.”

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Nature: Egmont Park

This English-style park is located in between the Sablon / Zavel and the Avenue De La Toison D’or / Gulden-Vlieslaan and a green and silent hideaway in the city center, a neighbor of the chic and sky-high The Hotel.

Yooth: “This park is almost invisible, I discovered it on a blue Monday stroll. I use the park as a safe place, feeling secure and protected from the sometimes judgemental eyes of the Brussels streets, staring at my - in their eyes - inappropriate clothing style.” 

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Hidden gem: this exact spot at the VUB campus. 

Hidden behind the rectorate at the VUB, this idyllic spot is probably only known by students at the Flemish university. 

Yooth: “This place reminds me of my first carefree years at university. Me and my friends used to chill out and enjoy the ducks or stork around the pond. It’s here that I first fell in love with Brussels and decided to stay.”  

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Pictures by Jente Waerzeggers