'Brusseleir Digger' Exhibition

__Brusseleir Digger__ is an intimate portrait of the Brussels vinyl collectors and diggers scene. The exhibition highlights 10 Brussels based record collectors and diggers and their musical tastes. For each subject, a selection of photographs of their private collections and 10 of their favourite records are on display, immersing the visitor into 10 unique musical worlds.  __When?__ Saturday March 31st & Sunday April 1st, 12AM - 8PM __Where?__ LISTEN FESTIVAL EXTRA @ ING Art Center, Place Royale 6, Brussels (free entrance) [Join our event.](https://www.facebook.com/events/963571033819186/) __Selected collectors:__ Mieke Pauwels, Farrah Boukhoubza, Cedric Kouamé, Jérôme Porsperger, Foo Fei Lin, Maurizio Ferrara, Tommy Denys, Philippe Coicou, Jill Krecké, Elodie Bauloye. ![brusseleirdigger1-400x400](//images.contentful.com/p7n6hvazgxwh/2VAjAIkUXCqseU0kkm2eog/14dd6854e252bc01aae535b4d60b8149/brusseleirdigger1-400x400.png)   __The collectors focused on are as diverse as the city itself, showcasing different nationalities, backgrounds and musical tastes.__ They are admirers of classical music, electronic sounds,  Egyptian singers or Ivorian salsa music and yet all have the same obsession with vinyl. Whether they own enormous collections or rather restrained numbers of records, they each have their own particular story and approach. The photographs and records on display allow a truly interesting peek into the minds of these creatives.  __Visiting the exhibition will give you an insight into the drive of a record collector and digger.__ Why do they collect these objects? Where do they find their wax? And what's their favourite slab of black gold? After all, record collecting is a way of life and nothing starts a conversation like talking about ones favourite music.   __The exhibition presents a fascinating image of a strong Brussels scene.__ The digging and collecting culture has been an instrumental part of the city for many years, proven by the rich tradition of record stores, fairs and vinyl enthusiasts in the Belgian capital. It survived the arrival of the cd in the nineties and digital formats in the naughties. In a city as vibrant and multi-cultural as Brussels, the exhibition guides visitors through a creative and positive scene, where music is the common and unifying factor.   The ‘Brusseleir Digger’ exhibition is the brainchild of [__Koen Galle__](https://www.facebook.com/kong.dj/), a passionate collector and dj himself. He runs the website ‘[Red Bull Belgium: The Vinyl Frontier](https://vinylfrontier.be/collectors/)’ and works as an artistic director at Listen Festival. Photographs are by the hand of __[Thomas Sweertvaegher](https://switnphoto.viewbook.com/)__. He studied the Master program at the Royal Academie Of Fine Arts in Ghent and has been part of exhibitions in Ghent, Liège, Rotterdam, Osaka, London and Antwerp. He works for several Belgian media outlets and recently published the book ‘Hallertau: A Skateboarder’s Journal’ (Hannibal).  Koen and Thomas met in 2013 and have been interviewing and photographing Belgian vinyl collectors ever since. __'Brusseleir Digger' is made possible thanks to the support of VGC, ING, Nokia, Sennheizer & Laboriver. __ ![brusseleirdigger2-400x400](//images.contentful.com/p7n6hvazgxwh/IBv1ZuMCCQC8CUa4wE8Yu/6d7db293ed5142559f1d1b7966cd0d5c/brusseleirdigger2-400x400.png)