Jacob Meehan (Buttons/<br>Whole)

Jacob Meehan (Buttons/

Jacob Meehan, a native of Roodhouse, Illinois cut his chops over the course of 15 years while residing in the house of House, Chicago, where priceless opportunities informed his taste as both a musical purveyor & vibe creator. His tenure behind the counter at the legendary Gramaphone Records, behind the decks as a resident of Smart Bar, behind the mixing console at WLUW 88.7FM, and behind the scenes as an event organizer & restaurateur, where he and his friends breathed new life into the city's dusty pre-AIDS gay venues, like the Bijou Theater, have rendered him a pivotal player in helping booster America's queer scene.

Since relocating to Berlin in 2016, he has gone on to leave his mark with two very important projects - Buttons and WHOLE Festival.  As an organizer of WHOLE, he oversees social media, decoration and programming of the workshops & ambient stage. During the pandemic, Meehan furthered his study into music production, resulting in new releases. His first single "Hier" came out earlier this year on NYC's Major Records.