Francesco Farfa

Francesco Casaburi better known by his stage name Francesco Farfa is an Italian Dj and record producer.

Francesco Farfa started his work in 1985, he has been known as a vinyl DJ in the electronic clubbing scene since the early 90s. He identifies his music as “a journey through contemporary underground dance”. His technique has evolved over the years moving from vinyl, trying a digital approach and merging both instruments into a very personal identity.

Today he blends the advantages of the "cutting" methodologies of the beginningsalternating them with very long experimental fusions that create personal sound constructions.

The way his mind works on the mix is able to transform sound into a vision. He’s able to make even funk sound like a trance. Francesco brings people mind in a “circular sound” as a hypnotic musical storyteller. His mission is beyond trends, he doesn’t ignore them but processes them.