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Sat 01.04
Listen x Kiosk Radio - Saturday

ZAÄAR is a Belgian collective born from a rib of NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM, the cosmic
free-jazz orchestra that in the last two years catalyzed the attention of those in love with
psychedelic music, experimental drone doom and space ambient. “Magická Džungl’a” is
ZAÄAR’s monumental manifesto, as amazing and ambitious in scope as was NEPTUNIAN

Moving along the same sonic coordinates of that illustrious predecessor, however ZAÄAR's debut double album is a quite different electric beast. Featuring singer/multi-instrumentalist Guillaume CZLT (also active in ÔROS KAÙ and SOL KIA), saxophonist-extraordinaire Jean Jacques Duerinckx, the explosive rhythmic section of Sébastien Schmit and Hugues Philippe Desrosiers, and Didié Nietzch's visionary synths, ZAÄAR
drink deep from the same inspirational well to open our third eye on majestic horizons of
psychedelic beauty, but their approach is more instinctual, cruder, more primitive. Their psychedelic free-jazz soaked in droning ambient melodies awakes and stimulates ancient and forgotten senses, laying dormant since when humanity has been projected into the greyness of an industrialized reality, bringing the listener back to a time when everything was new and exciting and dangerous.

ZAÄAR is more than a band: it’s the reconquest of our savage side; the terrifying and primeval roar of a mind ravaged by magic drugs; the lush sounds of a soul swimming in the primordial broth, savoring again an existence full of marvels and hazards. Welcome to the jungle!