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Fri 31.03
Listen x Spek x Gayhaze
Buda Bxl

The story of Wendy Boukobza started where most stories do - in her childhood home. Picture a typical French teenager of the 90s: in her room, walls were all covered with musicians’ posters and, of course, MTV’s golden age music was powering through the speakers. Voracious CD buyer, she’d listened everything good pop music had to
offer. A passion inherited from her father, a well-informed music fan. When not busy buying music at Virgin with Wendy, he’d be probably sitting in his living room listening to Steely Dan or Gilberto Gill on his Cabasse speakers.
Sadly, the young Wendy had to press pause and head to school: she was about to start a 2-years intensive preparatory school, the classical path to French Grande école, initiating a long hiatus in her musical journey. But at the end of this tunnel, she found music again – but not any music, dance music. Instantly addicted, she advanced extremely quickly, almost as she was trying to catch up with those years of absence. She went through
the typical route of our diggers’ generation, discovering house music first, getting captivated by its minimal subgenre only to come back to the wider spectrum: House, Acid, Progressive, Techno, you name it. During all of this, she discovered Discogs and learned to tame the beast. Engaged in a relationship with her fellow DJman at Rakya, Miclea, he initiated her to the tricks and mysteries of this musical goldmine up until she became a true digging expert. They eventually joined forces to better cover this enormous territory of records, sharing and buying to one another the best treasures, which explains their common vibes and great synergy. It is however as a solo artist that she is making the biggest waves. Her podcast for Rakya concentrates everything we love about her: rare house music that grooves non-stop, super sharp technique and a masterful balance between music for the brain and songs for the body.