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THC b2b Byron Yeates

Fri 31.03
Listen x Spek x Gayhaze
Buda Bxl


Bogotá-born, Berlin-based Tania Humeres Correa plays under the moniker of her own initials: THC. It’s not a gimmick – to hear a track slammed into another so deftly is a psychoactive experience. THC’s sets are kinetic, propulsive in this way. High-energy without a loss of soul, hard-hitting, and still very playful and very gay. We are reminded that techno need not be a gloomy, rumbling march, and that house has a whole range of attitudes at the same time ruthless and smiling. She blazes, to put it simply.
Having heated Berlin dancefloors and airwaves for a few years, THC is now a resident at Radiant Love and Venus Vessels, and has begun working at the record label A7A. She started her residency HOT BOX by THC on HÖR radio this year, and has released mixes via DJ Mag, Club Quarantäne, Rinse France, and Standard Deviation. The last year has also seen her playing alongside her brother Dominik as the duo unit S-candalo. Regardless of format, there are always those THC-signatures: punch; euphoria; and streaks of vocal samples intoning the classic dancefloor theme of unity, be it political, sexual, spiritual or some sweaty mixture of it all.

Byrin Yeates:

Byron Yeates is a DJ and heads the record label, Radiant Love. Based in Berlin, he has in the last years served his signature sound at Panorama Bar, Tresor, and Shelter Amsterdam. Yeates’ recent mixes have been featured by the likes of DJ Mag, in which he was profiled for the ‘Fresh Kicks’ series; Honey Soundsystem, Club Quarantäne, Beats In Space, and Cómeme. He also holds a bimonthly residency at Berlin’s Refuge Radio.
Yeates’ sets, which have been known to span over 8 hours, bounce, tease, punch and often soar. They are inflected with an attitude that can at once be incredibly playful and theatrically sincere, a duality that animates the queer lineage of electronic dance music in which Yeates places himself. The femme vocal is mixed into thumping progressive trance, which in turn meets a throwback house track, or swerves down to the nod of downtempo. What remains consistent through Yeates’ selections is a heady depth, keen and delicate melodies, and a forcefulness that never lets surprise step off the dancefloor.
Since November 2019, Yeates’ label Radiant Love has released an array of trance-oriented EPs by artists both local and abroad. The catalogue is filled with floor-ready cuts that also reward a close listener – the RL sound is rich with unexpected timbres and textures, clever melodic lines and rhythms pivoting far off the 4/4. A sampling can be heard on the label's annual international women's day compilations, which arrange tracks from the community cohort of DJs and producers and direct profits to charities around Berlin.