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Spirite b2b Acid Lillies

Thu 30.03
Listen x Not Your Techno

Acid Lilies and Spirite can effortlessly b2b for hours, each track sparking a new exciting direction from their broad musical tastes. They love to start with downtempo jams and slowly but surely work their way to bring the dancefloor to peak time bliss!

Spirite :

Spirite is a Montreal-born and Brussels-based DJ. Her curious nature brings her on a never ending quest for both new sounds and lost gems to add to her eclectic musical repertoire. She likes to create unexpected connections between songs and to bring the listener on a unique sonic journey. She is a resident dj at Not Your Techno, a platform that puts forward upcoming female-identifying, queer and POC artists and the co-founder of Double Double, a radio show fostering connections between Canadian and Belgian artists hosted on the Brussels’s queer and feminist Radio Vacarme.

Acid Lillies :

Acid Lillies is about dancing, loving music and sometimes noisy stuff. Not tied to one genre, she explores music all around with one goal : making people dance. From disco/house to hard techno and hyperpop with some jazz in-between, get ready to shake it on the dance floor.