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Sat 01.04
Listen x Under My Garage x Kalahari Oyster Cult x Chanoirs

Metaphore Collective’s crew pillar, Meta Zone-Libre’s programmer and resident, Marseille’s alternative scene true activist, it is in this city that he spent his childhood immersed in the grunge and techno 90 ‘s CDs of his mother. Later, losing himself in the sweaty concert halls of downtown Marseille, he experiences his first personal musical emotions: punk, metal, krautrock, industrial music and extreme. He began to learn drums, before studying concrete music at the Conservatoire de Marseille. Today, it is all this baggage he carries around in each of his DJ sets with the need to propose a surprising crossing between eras and genres. Lovers of breakbeat, he likes to mix his influences with those of sci-fi culture of electro for a rave no-limit and universal.