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Sat 01.04
Listen x Under My Garage x Kalahari Oyster Cult x Chanoirs

Swiss producer and DJ, NVST doesn't fear putting the crowd in
'uncomfortable' positions, defying what they think they know. Her
style thrives on the clash of genres and textures, which come
together as a raw, acidic unity that demands a frenetic dance ritual.
Hailing from the Swiss illegal party scene, the values that move
NVST's approach to DJing remain distant from conventionalism and
commercial approaches. Beyond her passion for DJing, NVST is an
active militant for the development and preservation of electronic
music in Switzerland.
NVST is spinning multiple plates, as part of both the Statement crew
and Female:Pressure family, meanwhile co-running the French label
Big Science and holding residencies on LYLRadio, Rinse FM, and
EOS radio.
In past months, she’s been busy releasing an LP and an album on
Big Science, as well as an EP on Serious Trouble. Following the
release of her debut album, Drum in the Bass of Attention, there are
whispers of more productions to come later this year. We wait in
anticipation for her next moves, stay tuned.