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Nala Revlon

Fri 31.03
Safe(r) Spaces in Nightlife? A conversation

Nala is a Portuguese-Brazilian performer and producer, she began her journey as a dancer within clubbing styles such as waacking and house, but it was within the ballroom community that she developed her artistic career.

In 2017, in Paris, she started researching voguing culture together with her mentors Luna Ninja and Vinii Revlon, where she developed her art in performance, in the Vogue Fem category, which is her speciality.

In 2018 she became a member of the Iconic House of Revlon and today she is also part of the Kiki House of Wang where she has built her career in the European Ballroom through competitions in major balls and kikis. She competed in Paris, London, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Switzerland and others, where she won international grand prizes and European titles.

In addition to the ballroom, she is also a producer and has organized events aimed at the Lgbtqia+ community together with the Vogue Pt Chapter collective where they promote debates, workshops, parties and Balls in Portugal, with the objective of creating safe spaces of freedom and expression for queer bodies.

In 2022 she founded Pump da Beat, a queer clubbing party located in Porto that is inspired by parties in New York and Paris where the club is a place for sharing through sound, with Pump also being a meeting point for the Portuguese ballroom community where they share their experiences within a clubbing context.