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Fri 31.03
Listen x The Way You Move

Menica, a Belgian-born DJ, label owner, and record collector, has built a name for herself through her wide-ranging sets and Ghent-based parties since 2012. Her first loves were 50s-80s jazz, rhythm & blues, funk and soul, and through these genres she developed a taste for groove that sticks with her to this day. However, growing up during the rise of the Belgian electronic music scene, she soon began mixing and playing electronic music at parties in Ghent and Brussels.

For Menica, the connection between the artist and the dancer comes first. With this in mind, she founded Ojoo Music in 2017, her imprint where she curates events and releases that showcase varied electronic music with a high appreciation for artistic individuality and movement. In Ghent dialect, you say “ojoo” to express joy and wonder, especially to share those feelings with others around you; this is exactly the spirit that defines the label. She carefully selects venues that nurture the artist-dancer connection, so the events are always intimate and full of character. By finding and presenting unknown or rising talents, she’s building a community of artists, dancers, and friends who share a love of electronic music without boundaries. A label was never far away and so were the first two releases in 2019.

Fueled by a desire to revive her old school side, Menica debuted an alter-ego, Sundae Sue, in 2017. Funky, easygoing, and with a heavy case of nostalgia, Sundae Sue keeps digging, creating sets for those who cherish the old that stays new.

Since 2021 she holds a residency at Belgium’s longest-running techno club, Fuse Brussels.