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Melissa Juice

Fri 31.03
Listen x Spek x Gayhaze
Buda Bxl

Melissa Juice is a Brussels-based dancefloor demon and (hyper)active member of the city's queer & selector scenes.

She is a resident at Missfitte, a collective hosting care-focused, queer-forward underground events with women and non-binary folks at the core. She is also the host of two radio shows, Double Double and HEAVY FLOW, two radio shows on Radio Vacarme that promote women and queer artists in various scenes across the globe.

Mixing everything from meticulously constructed soundscapes to wild raves, her sets are fluid, versatile and unapologetic. Long blends and layered grooves tie together her multitude of musical tastes, with a heavy dose of all things progressive, trance-y and acidic. Expect irresistible rhythms, hypnotic vocals and forbidden throwbacks.

Always gay as in happy, always queer as in "fuck you".