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Le Motel x Magugu

Fri 31.03
Listen x AliA x Maloca Records
Buda Bxl

Le Motel:

Hailing from Brussels, Le Motel's world is a vortex of sight and sound that takes in the many and varied corners of the planet. As a music producer and film composer his versatility has taken him to festivals and clubs in every direction as naturally as he has ventured out to the less accessible areas of the globe as a field recordist. It's somewhere in between these spaces that Le Motel operates, gathering unique experiences and sounds to channel through his studio.


The worldly wide versatile pidgin rap experimentalist known as Magugu, who’s mission is to connect the African and western culture together with his Pidgin Rap style ( A local dialect in Nigeria consisting of broke English and local slangs )

Magugu has been making global waves with his iconic vocal tone, unique and distinctive unlike anything else you’ve heard before. 
The native Nigerian based in the U.K (Cardiff Wales) who recently signed to Ninja tunes publishing is making waves in the underground scene with support from Dj’s like Giles Peterson, Skrillex, Target, etc. With millions of streams & viral videos circulating around the net His global sound has been filling up the dance floors from Europe to Africa to Asia to America and his style ranges from Dancehall, hip hop, dub, grime, bass, drum and bass, etc.

His energetic and positive attitude has won him praises as a top performer with his commanding presence and dance moves.

Outspoken and ambitious magugu is aiming to take over the planet with his pidgin rap style & pump good energy to all his listeners