Sun 29.03
Buda Bxl

Konduku (real name Ruben Üvez) may have been born and raised in the Netherlands, but a small part of his heart will always be in Kıran, a picturesque hill in Avanos in the Cappadocia in Turkey.

The exploration of rhythm and groove is arguably the distinctive feature of Üvez’s current DJ sets. His style is percussive and high energy, offering a blend of“quick mixes” – long the dominant DJ style in British bass music – and long, drawn-out and layered blends that ratchet up the hypnotism and create alluring new hybrids. Alongside his British influences, you’ll also hear intoxicating dub techno, mid-2000s Italian techno, locked-in Eastern European minimalism and classic, turn-of-the-century tech-house, when the expression of Detroit’s futurist influence was at its height. This musical mixture, coupled with Konduku’s obsession with drums, combines to create sets that not only inspire dancers but also live long in the memory.