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Jean-Hugues Kabuiku

Fri 31.03
Keynote by Technomaterialism : Imagining a post-work theory in culture

With a background in electronic music and web development, Jean-Hugues Kabuiku specializes in the discourse around music valuation as a Technomaterialist. He believes technologies should be re-engineered for their actual benefit to society, not to propagate existing oppressions. He considers his mission to be the countering of technodeterminist dominant discourse. Jean-Hugues’ work around music valuation has been published on Mixmag, Resident Advisor, Horst Digital Lab, Corner Späti, dweller forever, Audimat, and more. On top of that he is also a member of Bellona Magazine editorial collective.

As a producer, he has been distilling original productions and hyperactive DJ sets for 10 years now and is an active member of the Paris & Berlin electronic music scene. He’s been featured on NTS, BBC Radio 1Xtra Club, and Soho Radio.