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Eric Cyuzuzo

Fri 31.03
Safe(r) Spaces in Nightlife? A conversation

Eric Cyuzuzo is a pluridisciplinary curator and producer involved in various Brussels-based platforms that seek to foreground the stories and narratives of Black People at their intersecting identities. He is the founder of Som•m•e Of Us  collective and the coordinator of the Brussels chapter of Black History Month Belgium.

Som•m•e Of Us  is a Brussels-based pluridisciplinary collective of Black independent curators working together to bring 2 types of cultural events to various Black communities in Brussels and beyond: on the one hand events centering and catering to Black people which they guest curate for institutional partners, and on the other hand FUBU events of their own initiative in community spaces.

Friday's discourse program is curated by the collective Som•m•e Of Us and will take place at Beursschouwburg on the 31st of March 2023.