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Emily Jeanne

Thu 30.03
Listen presents Nosedrip B2B Emily Jeanne & Donia

Drawing on a rich palette of fringe Techno derivatives, Emily Jeanne is crafting a unique space for herself amongst an expressive new wave of DJs and producers. Effortlessly stitching together sets that meld skeletal broken beats and propulsive 4x4 with moments of weightless Ambient and heady Drone music, the Belgian- Vietnamese artist is a smooth and agile operator in full control of her art.

As clubland becomes a battle for unbridled intensity, DJs with an ear for nuance are a scarce and valuable resource. Taking risks in front of a crowd – well primed or just through the door, requires a certain confidence and versatility; the same goes for the kind of unfamiliar blends and sonic left turns that make for memorable dancefloor moments. It’s a confidence built from a career that’s developed organically. This sentiment also translates into the artist’s productions, which speak to that same wide-ranging sphere of reference. The output is focused but dynamic, marrying experimental textures with muscular drums – where applicable, and dense, well-crafted low end. It’s a sound born out of intense curiosity and heavily influenced by formative years in first Vietnam, then Ghent, and later Berlin – a complex and singular journey that continues to morph on an exciting, upward trajectory

From smaller rooms to main stages, to residencies at clubbing institutions like Brussels’ Fuse venue and shows at the iconic Tresor nightclub in Berlin, patience and dedication to the craft has paid dividends for Jeanne. In tandem to the club environment, the artist
holds a residency on the much-lauded Kiosk Radio – also in Brussels, a home for more abstract sets that showcase the breadth of her musical influences.