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Egregore’s Echoes

Tue 21.03
Egregore’s Echoes: A Celebratory transmission of Collective Joy
Tour à Plomb

Egregore’s Echoes : A Celebratory transmission of Collective Joy

"Egregore" is a concept that describes the subtle energy created by a group of individuals united by a common intention.

Parties are times when the egregore can be particularly strong and influential, as they bring together people from different backgrounds in a shared dynamic. The positive energy is passed on and participants feel connected to each other. This connection strengthens the egregore, creating a dynamic where conscious and unconscious intentions can have significant impacts on the individuals and their environment.

The exhibition brings together the works of Antoine Grenez and Edouard Jattiot. Their plastic and sound productions highlight the relationship between the eclectic youth and the party scene, within the so-called alternative cultures.

Egregore aims to go beyond the usual ways of displaying an exhibition. Rather there is a wish to offer a space for encounter, dialogue and creation, for the artists and guest speakers, but also for the public that will directly be involved in this festive moment.

The final objective is to collect all the content discussed, created and exchanged, with the aim of carrying out a publishing project.

The entire programme is free and open to all.

All info available here.


EXHIBITION : 22.03.23 - 29.04.23
OPENING: 22.03.2023
ENDING: 29.04.2023