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DJ Rino

Fri 31.03
Listen x Spek x Gayhaze
Buda Bxl

A true worshiper of house music blessed with a certain ravy and techno spirit, Dj Rino loves to pick out random records that most of us would probably leave in their dusty corners. Music is a main component in Rino’s life, whether he is listening or playing, it fills
the silence, connecting him to the present moment and the people around him.
Rino’s sets are long, joyful and filled to the brim with energy, breaking boundaries between categories and proving the interconnection between each and every electronic genre.

In 2021 he co-founded the label Pinguin Society with fellow DJs Boudewijn Ericx, Tom Rynders, and Michiel Nijs with the aim to promote underappreciated
gems from the past.