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Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm

Thu 30.03
Listen x Stroom

Dali Muru & the Polyphonic Swarm sit in the middle of a Venn diagram consisting of
medieval inspired troubadour poetry, cinema soundtrack and primordial electronics. Initially known as FITH formed in Berlin by the duo writer/filmmaker/vocalist Dalia Neis, and the composer/producer Enir Da, their project expanded to become a revolving collective of
musicians and poets spread out across a Paris/Manchester/Berlin axis. Gesturing toward
ancient lineages of poetry and storytelling, Dali Muru is driven by the spell of the spoken
word, minimal percussive refrains, oneiric textures & deep melodic synths, channeling
cinematic imagery, enigmatic narratives & spiritual frenzy.

Their then self-titled debut self-titled LP FITH was released via their collectively run imprintWanda Portal in November 2016. Their subsequent release Swamp was released on the London based imprint, Outer Reaches in 2018, and was a hallucinatory homage to the filmof the same name by Argentine filmmaker, Lucrecia Martel. Their latest release as a duo, and self-titled album project Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm has just come out on the Belgian label Stroom in 2022.