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Call Super

Sat 01.04
Listen x Casa Voyager x La Cabane
La Cabane

Call Super is the primary moniker of Joseph Richmond Seaton, a DJ and musician from
London who has carved out his own place in the landscape of electronic music.
Defined by a meticulous approach to the composition, production, art direction and
presentation of his work, every release encapsulates Joseph’s idiosyncratic vision. It is a
colourful world that gives life to the shadows and throws a mist over the boundaries
that have become commonplace in electronic music.

His record The Present Tense provided the launching point for Houndstooth (the label
arm of London’s fabric nightclub). The following two releases, Black Octagons and
Depicta/Acephale, cemented his status as one of the brightest new talents to emerge in
the current wave of producers disturbing the musical landscape. This reputation was
cemented with Suzi Ecto, his debut album, which was widely regarded as one of the
standout long players of 2014. Described by Pitchfork as one of “the most evocative
sound worlds that the genre has seen” it topped various annual polls.

Alongside his work as Ondo Fudd for The Trilogy Tapes, his collaboration with Beatrice
Dillon for Hessle Audio and various other releases, he has been compared to Ricardo
Villalobos, Jon Hassell and Brian Eno. His second LP Arpo arrived in 2017 and was
greeted to similar praise to his first, with The Guardian hailing it as “outstanding” and
DJ magazine naming it Album of the Year. In 2019 he founded a label with Parris, Can
You Feel The Sun, to release their own work and collaborations alongside projects they
felt shared a similar spirit. Autumn 2020 sees the release of his third long player on
Incienso, titled Every Mouth Teeth Missing, it is the encapsulation of three years
recording work.

This all stands alongside Seaton’s revered work as a DJ. His esteemed entry into the
Fabric mix CD canon “brought to mind one of Salvador Dali’s famous clock faces—at
almost every quarter-hour a tactile shift takes place, where sounds seem to melt away,
revealing a strange new psychic space.” [Pitchfork]. This deft ability to craft sets known
for their hypnotic intensity and musical breadth has brought him across the world and
been showcased on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix. His versatility is seen in the range of
his schedule, from headline slots at Sónar festival’s 25th anniversary in Barcelona, to the
basement of his beloved friends Sameheads bar in Berlin. He is a natural musical
communicator pushing on in his own world, a personal world that has guided Call
Super outwards and upwards.