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Blck Mamba

Fri 31.03
Listen x Mo Mamba

Blck Mamba, a Brussels based artist of Nigerian descent, strives to bring a new vibe to nightlife with a mix of the latest hip hop and club music, that is, not-so-serious music to dance to, think UK funky, amapiano, baltimore, grime, afrobeats, hard drum, perreo, dancehall, baile,...

In 2021 her debut tracks were released on UK label Future Bounce. With her own productions Mamba hopes to contribute to club music’s attitude and community while putting her own spin on the genre. With catchy raps and up-tempo drum heavy productions, Mamba eyes on an energetic and engaged dancefloor.

Mamba is always on the lookout for the sounds of tomorrow so make sure to check out her weekly radio show on Studio Brussels to get introduced to the newest genres.