Barbara Boeing

Sat 28.03
Listen! ∞ Crevette ∞ Vice City
Buda Bxl

Barbara Boeing is a leading name in the current independent Brazilian electronic music scene. For more than ten years she has been deepening and refining a vast musical research with sets that travel through the most varied rhythms and eras. Besides the technique with the CDJs and also vinyls, the DJ is responsible for projects that brought new standards for Curitiba’s nightlife. Barbara is one of the founders of Alter Disco, a well known party that stablished broader boundaries in terms of freedom of expression, social paradigms and is now a reference for musical curacy all over Brazil.

Do not be surprised if this remarkable little one takes you on flights from Balearic, House, Disco and Techno or virtually anything that leaves your feet and your mind in a constant state of move on the dance floor.