Arno Lemons

Sat 28.03
Listen! ∞ Crevette ∞ Vice City
Buda Bxl

Throwing parties ever since he was 15 years old and playing music for even longer, there’s not many people around that have committed to nightlife and good music as Arno Lemons.

Founding Vice City back in 2013, he had a vision of real house music being available for everyone. Ever since then, the concept grew into an all encompassing party where that signature house sound could be combined with every genre of music, and this started to reflect in his selection as well.

Transcultural disco can transition into thumping electro, soulful melodies can be combined with chaotic rhythms. Shaking his signature wavy long hair around like a mad man, you’re bound to be infected to his organic grooves and flow.